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Heating Repair vs. Replacement – How to Decide

Heating Repair Service Old Bridge

You might be confused in deciding whether it is an appropriate time to replace your heating equipment. If your HVAC system isn’t working correctly as it used to be in the past, you might be thoughtful and trying to decide between heating repair service Old Bridge and replacement. It can be a hard decision to make because you don’t want to waste money on wrong choice.

You should not put off scheduling routine heating maintenance as it is always effective solution and helps you avoid expensive system upgrades. It’s obvious that at someday you really need to buy another system. Heating equipment tend to work longer if cared well. It ensures that it will work for long as expected. Most of the furnaces last 15 to 20 years and this is a significantly larger timeframe. Below are some crucial factors that heating contractors insist to consider when making a decision between heating repair and replacement.

Age of Unit

If your heating unit is more than 10 years old and its repair costs are exceeding 50% of its total value, repairing it is simply futile. Most of the homeowners prefer installing brand new equipment because it gives them improved efficiency. While you have to pay heavy upfront cost for installing a new heating unit, it saves a lot in the long-term. However, if your system isn’t more than 10 years, you should call heating contractors Old Bridge for inspection and repair.

Energy Ratings

Heating systems in the US are accountable for about 42% of utility bills in the homes. The Department of Energy of the US regularly examines and updates the energy-efficiency standards for air conditioners and heaters. You should call HVAC technician to view the energy ratings of your heating system. Sometimes preventive heating maintenance Old Bridge is better option to ensure peak performance of your system.


If you’re constantly calling professionals for heating repair service, moving on to a new system would be ideal to save money and time. However, if you’re having a faulty thermostat, dirty filters, poor insulation or poorly installed system, it would more sensible to stick to tune-ups and repairs.

You should always hire licensed HVAC technicians for any heating and cooling service. Regular inspections, troubleshoots, and cleanings of your system lets you be in comfort all year round. You also get the chance to have small problems repaired before they become the kind of problem that results in unnecessarily discomfort.

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