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Furnace issues are unpredictable and when they pop-up, most homeowners just want to screw their system that they are not familiar with. This sometimes helps in getting the heat back but this is not always the solution. When there is bitter cold outside, it is not the most convenient experience to have a heating failure. People mostly look for HVAC repair Old Bridge service when the weather demands most of their HVAC systems. Your furnace or air conditioners are more likely to fail during peak times. During snowstorms, your heating equipment may fail to manage the plummeted temperatures and during scorching days, your cooling equipment may fail to manage the excessive temperatures.

In winter, it might be the worst scenario for you to face a heating breakdown in the middle of the night. Though there is no explicit time to call for heating repair service, you’re at an advantage if you insist on fixing the potential problems early on before any terrible situation knocks you.

So here are a few signs that you should have your furnace serviced sooner.

In most of the cases, HVAC technicians easily detect the problem and fix it quickly. But when your furnace unit is more than 10 years old, it may suffer some major problems that become noticeable. The average lifespan of furnaces is considered around 15 to 20 years if you’re having a system that is too old, it may be the right time to replace it with a new modern one.

If your system is constantly running or your thermostat is frequently turning off automatically, there could be a problem needs to resolve early. There could faulty batteries or other electrical problems that should be addressed. After inspecting the thermostat, the next you should check is air filters to see whether they are looking fine or dirty. If you’re failing to understand the root cause of the problem, you may call us for heating repair service Old Bridge.

Other common furnace issues include lower heating, flickering pilot light, frequent cycling, and ignition problems. If your furnace isn’t blowing enough warm air, this might be a good reason to call us for an HVAC repair service.

It’s better to be aware of potential furnace problems ahead of time to avoid total furnace failure at crucial times.

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